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When Should a Tree Be Removed?
You should consider tree removal when:
  • The Tree Is Growing Too Close to the Home and Could Be Causing Foundation Problems
  • The Tree Is Blocking Sunlight So That the Other Trees Cannot Grow Properly
  • The Tree Is Dead, Dying or Diseased and Poses a Threat to Your Home or Property
  • The Tree’s Canopy Has Become Too Large and the Grass on the Lawn Is No Longer Able to Grow Properly
  • The Tree Has Become a Nuisance or Is in the Way of Home Improvement, i.e., Building a Pool or Deck

How Often and When Should I Have My Trees Trimmed and / or Pruned?
Our professionally trained staff can provide you with recommendations on how and when to prune your trees. This is dependent upon age, growth rate, overall condition and type of tree you have.

After Having a Tree Removed, How Deep Will the Stump Be Ground?
Tree grinding is performed with one of our self-propelled machines – equipment with a large cutting wheel. It can grind anywhere between three to 14 inches below ground level, depending upon the location and condition of the trees.

Our crews will clean up debris and chips and leave the hole filled with the ground-tree and dirt mixture.

Do I Need to Be Present During the Estimate?
It would be helpful, but not necessary. Meeting face to face will help you and us address any potential questions you may have. Either way, we will provide you with a complete estimate in person or by phone.

How Quickly Can I Receive an Estimate?
We provide same-day estimates.

How Much Does an Estimate Cost?
All estimates are 100 percent free to all of our customers. We are more than happy to offer our advice and professional opinion to help you with your decisions.

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